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Who we are and what we have to sell! Be a part of this amazing company as it grows.

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

This is my first blog so if I look like an amateur blogger that is exactly what I am. My name is Earl Tomlinson (please just call me Earl). I am the founder and product developer of Ki-Skincare. As you know we opened in Vegas last December during the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) and have come a long way in developing products. We research and develop our own products and manufacture them at our Comanche headquarters in the US. We could buy and resell any number of items like others do but that is not our style or mission. We want to formulate, manufacture and sell our on products so we have an understanding as to how they work and how they help our customers. We welcome any questions our customers may have and we will answer to the best of our ability. Our products are based on our work and research with honeybees and the study of key plant based essential oils and stem cells from fruit. We believe we have set a new standard for skincare in therapeutics and beauty products that keep your skin vibrant, healthy and smooth.

Here are our current products and how they can be of value to you:

HONEYBEE THERAPEUTICS - This is a wonderful and effective product. It was the first ever developed by Ki-Skincare (KiS) and why we knew we were on to a great set of products that would fuel our success going forward. Applied twice a day to the target area this therapeutic lotion helps reduce aches and pains as well as promoting new healthy skin cells. Customers asked for a larger container so we now use an attractive eight ounce pump dispenser.

REDRESS GOLD CREAM - This is our newest and so far most exciting product. It is what the skincare industry refers to as an anti-aging or age-defying product. We did our research and then formulated it from essential oils (yes it does contain broccoli oil) and apple stem cells among other key ingredients. These proved to be helpful in removing age lines, tightening skin and promoting the growth of healthy new skin cells.

SOFT AND SMOOTH - This is a wonderful and popular beauty product which if applied twice daily will soften, moisturize and make your skin feel soft, smooth and vibrant. We included essential oils and fragrancies in this to enhance healthy, smooth skin cells . This product is particularly popular with our teen age customers.

CACTUS HIMALAYAN SCRUB - We formulated this to include Cactus oil from Texas and key ingredients from the Himalayan mountain range I visited years ago. Used properly it exfoliates old skin cells and promotes fresh new ones. It has interesting ingredients and very loyal users.

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